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Find out what factors you need to pay attention to when considering a small form factor gaming PC. The answer depends on how you use your computer and the performance and workloads you expect to encounter. It is a premium home appliance selling brand in Pakistan, which provides high-grade kitchen equipment. Share the articleYou get a message from your electricity provider… In 冷風機 there is foul smell coming from your cooler, it is an indication to clean it.

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They are famous in Pakistan for manufacturing affordable home appliances r. If you are looking for some of the best air cooler companies to purchase an air cooler for your home, then GABA National should be your best option. ECM-5200 is a room air cooler that fits into smaller spaces and works as a personal air cooler. Adding ice water or ice in coolers will lower the temperatures even further.

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Evaporative air cooler, popularly known as swamp cooler, is definitely the most preferred cooling systems. This is thanks to their lower energy consumption, high cooling efficiency, environmental friendly nature, and reasonable cost. However, unknown to many people, this appliances comes with some symbols or tricks that make them produce more effective cooling. In this article, we will discuss about something you may not know about evaporative cooler. A simple example of natural evaporative cooling is perspiration, or sweat, secreted by the body, evaporation of which cools the body.

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The air coming out of the coolers is humid because of the evaporated water this adds to the humidity in the air. If you are buying a new air cooler then opt for one with humidity control. With a rich Usha heritage of over 80 years and being India’s Most Trusted Brand over the years, our best in class range of air coolers strive to meet all your cooling needs. Usha Air Coolers provide an effective and natural way of cooling and comes with superior features and technology, helping to keep your surroundings cool and well ventilated for hours. Our fans are designed and manufactured to provide heavy duty service, long time performance and quiet cooling comfort to meet the need of our customers in hot and humid climates all over the world.

It is always best to have the downwind windows open, while the upwind windows are closed. Although robotic spacecraft use thermal radiation almost exclusively, many manned spacecraft have short missions that permit open-cycle evaporative cooling. Examples include the Space Shuttle, the Apollo command and service module , lunar module and portable life support system. The Apollo CSM and the Space Shuttle also had radiators, and the Shuttle could evaporate ammonia as well as water. The Apollo spacecraft used sublimators, compact and largely passive devices that dump waste heat in water vapor that is vented to space.