Making a Girl Laugh over Text



Here are some advice and examples on how to make a girl smile over text so you can win her over.

Berate her

Don’t be scared to text a girl and make funny, kind-hearted fun of her. Teasing a girl not only makes her laugh, but it also demonstrates your lack of suckitude. Simply teasing someone can convey your confidence, which will increase their attractiveness to you. To attract the girl, you must know How to make a girl feel special over text.

Laugh at yourself

Texting a woman while making light of yourself in a tongue-in-cheek manner is a certain method to get her to smile. You make her laugh and demonstrate to her that it’s acceptable for her to down her guard. She’ll feel more at ease around you, which will increase her attraction to you.

Compute her responses

To be playful and keep your texts to girls entertaining, make educated guesses about their possible responses. This is a terrific technique to stand out from other guys, make your SMS flirtatious, and eventually pique their interest.


You don’t always have to communicate through words. And if you want to project a fun personality through texting discussions, you shouldn’t.

With Your Texting Style, You Can Make Her Chase You

Women prefer a man who challenges them, and they dislike men who make life too simple for them. So, when you text a female, make her want to chase you by posing a small obstacle. To do it, adhere to the following two texting recommendations:

Reject yourself


Playfully exclude yourself from her dating pool to appear more assured among women and prevent coming across as desperate. That is a practical joke about how the two of you aren’t compatible. For instance, you may SMS her something like, “Woah woah! Do you enjoy the things she enjoys? I had no idea you were that kind of gal. To kick it with you, I might need my mother’s approval, lol:). You give the female permission to pursue you by playful pushing away in this manner.

Limit your texting


This is a huge one since excessive texting can sabotage sexual attraction. Generally speaking, the person doing the chasing is the one who is making the most effort to communicate. Your main interest should be on How to make a girl feel special over text to achieve the success. Therefore, you must refrain from sending too many texts if you want to have any chance of making a female chase you. Instead, aim to text the girl about as often as she texts you, maintaining a text ratio of roughly 1:1.